Choose a life you Love

What if you had the freedom to wake up and choose how to spend each day? Would you be with your family more? Travel the world? Help others? That is what I have been able to do since I accidentally started sharing Young Living in 2014. We are constantly sharing things we love with friends and family, so why not be compensated for it? When I shop at a local store, I pay full price while helping to support that CEO’s next vacation home. When I shop through my Young Living account, I invest in myself and my family, and when I refer others, my products are paid for. Word of mouth is powerful, and in today’s world of technology, it’s easier than ever to connect with like-minded people. Everyone needs wellness, and many people are looking for a better way to do life.

Your Life

I call the Young Living Opportunity the YL (YOUR LIFE) opportunity because it allows you to live life on your terms. You can work with anyone, anywhere, anytime, full time or part time. It’s liberating! Where else can you buy a business for $160 with no requirement other than investing in products for yourself and your family that you were buying at the store anyway? It’s a win win that offers health and wellness, relationships, time freedom, adventure and financial freedom. With consistent sharing and connecting, you can own Your Life. Check out the Income Disclosure Statement and start visualizing what freedom looks like to you. It doesn’t hurt to apply some Abundance!

Here are just a few of my FREEDOM adventures from the last four years. If these pictures inspire you, you’ll want to join me for a class soon!

“Join me in living a life you won’t need a vacation from. What an epic adventure!”

- Michelle Doorey

An Empowering Journey

Working with Michelle, I have been encouraged to THINK BIGGER. I’m so grateful for the personal development building a Young Living business has provided. Michelle’s guidance has made all the difference.

— Jen

I interact so much better with people.

Once I eliminated chemicals from my home and my life, I was soon excited to share what I was learning with everyone I know. It’s really boosted my interaction with others as well as relationships.

— Gordonna

Reconnecting with Friends…

Sharing the Young Living lifestyle has allowed me to help some amazing women, reconnected me with family and has made me an even better person than I was before.  

— Amanda

New found freedoms!

I never imagined when Michelle brought make and take gifts to my birthday party how much my life would change. My eyes have been opened to the possibilities for travel, camaraderie, and entrepreneurship. I have discovered hidden pockets of myself. I am empowered in my health and wellness and alive with growth in all aspects of my life.

— Lorri