A voice for 2019


How are you feeling about the New Year? A quick google search of New Year’s Resolutions tells me that 92% of us stink at those, and maybe that’s why I took a different approach in 2018. I chose a word to focus on instead of a resolution. With great thought and reflection, I chose the word Abundance. I wrote it down on sticky notes, wore Abundance oil in my diffuser necklace daily and reflected on what abundance would look like for me and my family.

Abundance worked! I earned two all-expense paid trips and was showered with abundant blessings much of the year. Good stuff. I also experienced an abundance of stress and sadness when my mom had a heart attack, my mother in law passed and our family dog, Charlie, died unexpectedly in June. While 2018 brought an abundance of personal growth, it also brought an abundance of ups and downs in my business and an abundance of anxiety and conflict. Careful what you wish for, right?

Yoga teaches us that words are merely illusions. Close your eyes and sit with that for a minute. It’s called meditation. Words can be a blessing and a curse. They allow us to communicate, yet words also allow us to judge and label ourselves and others. Sadly, children are labeled from a young age more than ever, and often those words begin to define them. Maybe you’ve even experienced that in your life.

What if in 2019 we did less labeling and more listening? I will be the first to admit that listening has not been my strong suit. I came across this Dalai Lama quote the other day, and it hit me like a blow to the gut. “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” Wow. Is he talking to me?

For 2019, let’s forget all the words and listen more. Animals, babies and even plants have the privilege of living in the moment because they aren’t busy labeling everything. They are listening to the world around them, and more importantly, to that inner voice that knows no words. You can see in this picture, my sweet dog Charlie was a great listener. I miss him every day.

I’m still going to wear Abundance in 2019. Orange, patchouli, clove, ginger, myrrh, cinnamon and spruce were used in ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace. Can’t we all use that?

Yet with a more humble, present heart, I’ll be listening.

LISTEN Roll on


10 drops Inner Child

5 drops Humility

5 drops Present Time

(Optional: 1 drop Rose OR Sacred Sandalwood)

Fill roll on with V6 carrier oil

Directions: Roll on wrists, neck, behind ears, etc. Sit quietly, take a few deep breaths, and listen.

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