Breathe and Believe

Recently, I stumbled on the quote, “In order for good things to come your way, you must believe that you deserve them.” Wow. There’s one to ponder. I’ve struggled lately with goals and with feeling good, so I had to ask myself, Do you really believe that you can achieve these things? You’ve probably heard me talk about the power of vision boards, but vision boards are only effective if you can feel, taste, touch, hear, smell that tropical island as if you are already sitting there, pina colada in hand lounging by the blue-green expanse. Get my drift? You’ve got to believe it into existance and the universe will answer.


The picture you see here. That’s me on a recent trip that still makes my heart burst with love and excitement. Over my left arm is Guayaquil, Ecuador. Looking back, I realize that I believed my way there. I had it on my vision board, knew in my heart I’d be going and couldn’t wait to meet new friends and our sponsor child. There was never a question, and this picture is my reminder that I am worthy of gifts like this sweet hat and fun travels around the world. I haven’t much felt that way lately. Could be just the long winter, but more likely it’s because I need to be better at believing. Can you relate?

Through my own journey, I’ve been able to help others choose a healthier path, but sometimes it’s frustrating to see someone crying tears over chronic physical or mental pain, not being able to get out of their own way to wellness. “Oils are too expensive”, “I can’t do yoga”, “Replacing the toxins takes too much time”, “I have no family support.” I hear these words, and they are red flags that there’s something more going on.

Have you heard the phrase, “Instead of saying you don’t have time, try saying ‘it’s not a priority’ and see how that feels”? Our time is a choice and so is our spending. When I was teaching high school, there were times I was sad that low income students had better cell phones or tech gadgets than I did. It often meant that someone at home was forfeiting basic wellness for luxuries. I would share food, clothes, money and extra time teaching them about what it meant to really take care of themselves.

While it’s easy to become frustrated with lack of awareness, that quote above has helped me gain a new perspective. We all have blocks. It’s not that we can’t afford wellness. It’s that deep down we don’t BELIEVE we deserve it, so we remain sick and tired and spend money on things that aren’t helping us be healthy. I’m thankful that my journey has helped me get over that hump in many ways, and I want to help you, too!  

Is there something standing in your way of feeling good each day or having the life of your dreams? Do you have excuses as to why you can’t have all that and a bag of chips? Okay, let’s pass on the chips. I’m doing a whole food cleanse this week! Lol. Food is where many of my blocks lie, by the way.

Trust the journey, but know that the law of attraction is powerful, and you may be vibrating at a frequency that isn’t ready for that island Pina Colada or that new house you’ve have had your eye on for years. You must Believe it first. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, see it, hear it , taste it, smell it. Feel it in your core.  

Today, take a deep breath or a few and find your way back to your authentic self. The self that knows YOU deserve health and happiness and will do what it takes to get there. Whether it is health you are after, a vacation or that new house - truly believe it’s yours and it will be. Breathe YOU and add some BELIEVE oil to send that frequency through the roof. It doesn’t hurt to put on a fabulous hat and let your hair down with a view over your shoulder.


Here is a wellness practice that I use when I’m needing to refocus, release, and BELIEVE in myself.

Breathe and Believe Detox Bath:

1 cup of Epsom Salts

1/4 cup baking soda (optional but better for the detox part)

3-5 drops of BELIEVE oil

Mix together and add to a warm tub. Soak for 20 minutes, taking some deep inhales and exhales through your nose and Breathe your way back to YOU. Believe good things are coming your way. See it, feel it, taste it, hear it, smell it. You deserve the best out of life!

*Believe is a blend of Idaho Blue Spruce, Balsam Fir, Frankincense, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium & Coriander. All fantastic oils for raising frequency, releasing negative energy & freeing up your mind and body to BELIEVE. <3 Find Believe here.

Who is on your Energy Bus?

The other day I had lunch with a friend, and the first thing she did when I sat down was hand me two energy bites she cooked up that morning. We spent a couple hours enjoying tasty food and chatting about life, then we shopped at the co-op for fresh spices and other goodies. The perfect lunch date!

Those energy bites got me thinking. Not only were they DELICIOUS, they meant something more to me - positive energy. A couple of my goals for 2019 are to be more conscious of the energy I put into the world and spend time with those who fuel my “Energy Bus”.  You must grab this book, by the way! Have you heard of the Jim Rohn study that suggests we are the combination of the five people we spend the most time with? After reading The Energy Bus, I’ve been pondering this more and more. Who are my five people? Well, there’s my smart a*# husband. Guess I’ll keep him. The two incredible people I birthed. Never ever want to part with them! (Though lately I could do without the back talk from my teen who has morphed into a different phenomenon lol.)  My mom lives just a few miles from me, and I see her a lot. She’s been with me from the start. Love you, mom! That leaves room for a friend to hop on my Energy Bus, and if she brings energy bites she is in! :)

Let me backtrack a bit. My energy has not always attracted people with positive energy. It’s actually taken me a lifetime to feel good about myself, so my Energy Bus has not always been the place to be. I was once what the book refers to as an “energy vampire”, and I was attracting energy vampires, too. This quote from the book may shed more light on that. “The key is to feel good. When you feel good everyone around you feels good. And we’re not talking about feeling good from a double latte or candy bar kind of feeling good. We’re talking about a feeling of joy, happiness, enthusiasm, gratitude, passion, and excitement kind of feeling good. The gifts you bring to the world are not found in your resume, accomplishments, or presents to others. The gift is your presence of feeling good and being happy and bringing this to others. Being around happy and positive people makes people feel happy and positive.” HERE’S THE KICKER. “Too many people try to please others, and this only makes them unhappy. Better to focus on the feeling good and letting this feeling and happiness shine on others. When you feel good, you give from power. When you feel bad and try to feel good by pleasing others, you only give away your power, and this makes you weaker.”

Who knew?! In 2019 I’ll be over here working on feeling my best, and hopefully I can shine some positive energy your way when I see you. If you’re working on feeling good, I’d love to have you on my Energy Bus. For Wellness Events, check the Book Now tab on my website. I hope to see you! Are ready to read more of The Energy Bus? It’s a keeper. I’m going to pass my copy on to the friend who gave me those two beautiful energy bites. Her happiness tastes delicious! If you’d like to get a glimpse of other beautiful things she and her husband create, head on over to FrannyMac Furnishings on facebook. Lastly, enjoy my newest concoction to keep all the #energyvampires away.

Extra tip: For added vitality in your Energy bites, add 2-3 drops Lemon or Orange Vitality. Delicious!

Sunshine Spray: (keeps energy vampires away)

In a 2-4 ounce bottle add a dash of vodka or witch hazel

Add 2-4 droppers of Vitamin D drops (I get mine here)

20 drops Citrus Fresh

5 drops of En-R-Gee

Fill with filtered or distilled water

Spritz abundantly on head and face for a burst of Sunshine & Energy.

“Sometimes you just have to create your own sunshine.” ~ Sam Lundquist

(**Citrus Fresh comes in the Young Living Starter kit here ; En-R-Gee is an Energy blend that can be added to any Essential Rewards order with 10-25% back.)

sunshine spray .jpeg

Vital Decluttering in the New Year

How are you feeling about your surroundings in the New Year? Are you breathing easy, feeling cluttered, or indifferent?

Back in November, I was having a mom to mom chat with my friend Jess Bakken from The Back Porch Life and had an “Ah-Ha” moment when she pointed out something obvious. With all the clutter in my life, I hadn’t noticed. It wasn’t until this week when I saw a friend online chatting about this book that’s been in my “finish during this lifetime” pile that it all came together to help me take my first steps to tidying up in 2019.

On Wednesday, Jess gave a talk in our wellness group about reconnecting with family and friends over a meal, which furthered my urgency to make some changes. She talked about how we’ve gotten away from personal connection and how as mom she makes sure her family connects daily, even if over a quick meal. Here’s the cool part. Jess’ meals are made easier and tastier with the “flavor burst” of Vitality oils, which leads us back to that conversation from November that I recall going something like this. 

Jess: “You realize you get a FREE oil every month in your Essential Rewards order that you can use to whip up easy meals for your family?”

Me: {speechless}

Jess: “I know, right?! (she can obviously read minds)  Most people are so excited to get their monthly wellness box that they don’t even notice the free dietary oil.

Me: {still speechless and now daydreaming about my stockpile of vitality oils…}

Jess: I know you can do this. I’ll send you my recipe books.

One good thing leads to another, right? I asked Jess to share her knowledge with my friends, and I learned something life-changing during that group chat. Did you know that spices expire and many are irradiated or preserved? EEK! On the other hand, Vitality oils never expire.

After dragging my feet the next morning, I took to my BEAST of a spice cabinet, and below you see the result. I threw out 22 expired spices - one from 2004. How does that even happen? The purge was like a weight lifted off my shoulders! I proceeded to engage the whole family in cleaning out the Tupperware drawer and tidying up the kitchen. Connection and cleaning. A start. We even baked some muffins with Cinnamon Vitality because the new kitchen space welcomed some baking. Nom nom. Look out, Jess, you’ve got some competition!

Honestly, my whole house needed decluttering. With Citrus Fresh pumping in my diffuser, I cleaned out my office today and will tackle my closet Monday. What’s the saying about clutter in your surroundings being a symbol of the clutter in your mind? Guilty! Ever hear of brain dumping? That’s for another blog, but it’s on my radar. I’ll start with a basic “to do” list in my planner this week.

Do you need to declutter this year? You’ll feel twenty pounds lighter when you do. Here’s to tidying up and creating space for great things to come in 2019!


It’s the little things!

It’s the little things!

VITAL connection through food

VITAL connection through food

A voice for 2019


How are you feeling about the New Year? A quick google search of New Year’s Resolutions tells me that 92% of us stink at those, and maybe that’s why I took a different approach in 2018. I chose a word to focus on instead of a resolution. With great thought and reflection, I chose the word Abundance. I wrote it down on sticky notes, wore Abundance oil in my diffuser necklace daily and reflected on what abundance would look like for me and my family.

Abundance worked! I earned two all-expense paid trips and was showered with abundant blessings much of the year. Good stuff. I also experienced an abundance of stress and sadness when my mom had a heart attack, my mother in law passed and our family dog, Charlie, died unexpectedly in June. While 2018 brought an abundance of personal growth, it also brought an abundance of ups and downs in my business and an abundance of anxiety and conflict. Careful what you wish for, right?

Yoga teaches us that words are merely illusions. Close your eyes and sit with that for a minute. It’s called meditation. Words can be a blessing and a curse. They allow us to communicate, yet words also allow us to judge and label ourselves and others. Sadly, children are labeled from a young age more than ever, and often those words begin to define them. Maybe you’ve even experienced that in your life.

What if in 2019 we did less labeling and more listening? I will be the first to admit that listening has not been my strong suit. I came across this Dalai Lama quote the other day, and it hit me like a blow to the gut. “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” Wow. Is he talking to me?

For 2019, let’s forget all the words and listen more. Animals, babies and even plants have the privilege of living in the moment because they aren’t busy labeling everything. They are listening to the world around them, and more importantly, to that inner voice that knows no words. You can see in this picture, my sweet dog Charlie was a great listener. I miss him every day.

I’m still going to wear Abundance in 2019. Orange, patchouli, clove, ginger, myrrh, cinnamon and spruce were used in ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace. Can’t we all use that?

Yet with a more humble, present heart, I’ll be listening.

LISTEN Roll on


10 drops Inner Child

5 drops Humility

5 drops Present Time

(Optional: 1 drop Rose OR Sacred Sandalwood)

Fill roll on with V6 carrier oil

Directions: Roll on wrists, neck, behind ears, etc. Sit quietly, take a few deep breaths, and listen.

*All of the oils mentioned can be acquired here through your Young Living wholesale membership

Just Breathe

As you can see, I’m still rocking peppermint scrubs! total cost for 35 scrubs is about $80, including containers, ingredients and labels. my conservative guess is that these would cost $500 at the store. they make great gifts or diys for a make &amp; take class. just another reason to breathe easier with oils.

As you can see, I’m still rocking peppermint scrubs! total cost for 35 scrubs is about $80, including containers, ingredients and labels. my conservative guess is that these would cost $500 at the store. they make great gifts or diys for a make & take class. just another reason to breathe easier with oils.

Hey you! I see you out there finding your way through this phenomenon called life. Maybe you’re reading this because you got sidetracked on Facebook. Gosh, I’ve never done that! If you believe that one, I’ll tell you another. Or, maybe you stopped by because you’re looking for a solid way to get through your day? That was me four years ago when I found a local class on essential oils and had an AH-HA moment about why I had been struggling with breathing and respiratory issues my whole life.

By the way, I LOVE breathing. Do you? I value breathing more now than ever, even though I’ve been doing it my whole life. Are you breathing as you read this? Funny question, right? Of course, you are! But are you really breathing? Close your eyes for a minute. Hopefully, for many reasons, you’re not driving while reading this haha! Start from your belly and take an inhale through your nose all the way up to your forehead, if you can get there. Count if it helps. When I discovered conscious breathing at my first yoga class, my inhales were stuck in my diaphragm. I couldn’t get past my heart. That’s how I was going through life. Stuck. Can you relate? We can chat about that in the new year. I hope you’ve exhaled by now?! Please do if you haven’t lol! Through your nose is often best. Notice anything different?

I start each day with a deep breath or two, and a side of peppermint oil by my bed that makes me hate the alarm clock less. Ever hear of a scent tent? Try a drop of peppermint in your left hand (your receiving side), rub your hands together, and tent your hands over your nose. Ahhhhhhhh! S#*t just got real, right? Ha! Turns out real, therapeutic grade peppermint with knock your socks off. One sniff of this oil and I was head over heels in love. I get mine here because of the Seed to Seal promise and because what we put on our skin we should be able to eat. With this peppermint, we can do both.

At that class I mentioned, I made an incredible peppermint scrub with three ingredients. Mind blown. Why, for the love of God, had I been spending my hard earned money on a scrub at that stanky store in the mall? When I returned home and looked at the label on that scrub, it got worse. Seventy ingredients. Seventy! I recognized one. Water. Mic drop! I became a researcher that night, searching many of those ingredients and was shocked at what I found here. Many of the ingredients were an 8-10 on the carcinogenic scale. Not only was I paying way too much for that scrub, I was lathering it onto my largest organ, my skin. Every. Single. Day. (Takes deep breath as post traumatic stress creeps back in…) Could this be the reason for my neverending respiratory issues? I was on to something.

At this point I needed to soak in a bath with the Lavender salts I made at that class, if only to wash away the guilt of never realizing that I had been slowly poisoning my body. It was time to say “Bye Bye, Felicia” to this crap, except I ended up keeping that tube of scrub for two years just to show friends what they were putting on their skin. That’s how my Young Living wholesale membership morphed into one of the best things that’s ever happened to me and my friends.  

Still breathing with me? The beauty of each breath is that it’s a fresh start, mentally and physically, and peppermint soothes the soul. For today, just breathe. A deep inhale and exhale reminds us that it’s all good even when it’s not. If that makes no sense now, it will once you get the breathing thing down. And for those “Bye Bye, Felicia” moments, be sure to add oils.  

Prana (Just breathe) Peppermint Scrub:

1 cup sugar

1/4 - 1/3 cup carrier oil

5 -7 drops Young Living Peppermint oil

Mix well, take a deep breath, and lather on everywhere <3


“Bye Bye, Felicia” Lavender Detox Bath

1-2 cups plain Epsom salts

¼ cup baking soda (optional for better detox)

5 drop Young Living Lavender oil

Directions: Soak, relax, breathe for 20 minutes and let your troubles wash away.

Tip: Hydrate before and after for best results